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     We two, how long we were fool’d,
Now transmuted, we swiftly escape as Nature escapes,
We are Nature, long have we been absent, but now we return,
We become plants, trunks, foliage, roots, bark,
We are bedded in the ground, we are rocks,
We are oaks, we grow in the openings side by side,
We browse, we are two among the wild herds spontaneous as any,
We are two fishes swimming in the sea together,
We are what locust blossoms are, we drop scent around lanes mornings and evenings,
We are also the coarse smut of beasts, vegetables, minerals,
We are two predatory hawks, we soar above and look down,
We are two resplendent suns, we it is who balance ourselves orbic
and stellar, we are as two comets,
We prowl fang’d and four-footed in the woods, we spring on prey,
We are two clouds forenoons and afternoons driving overhead,
We are seas mingling, we are two of those cheerful waves rolling
over each other and interwetting each other,
We are what the atmosphere is, transparent, receptive, pervious, impervious,
We are snow, rain, cold, darkness, we are each product and influence of the globe,
We have circled and circled till we have arrived home again, we two,
We have voided all but freedom and all but our own joy."

                 —Walt Whitman, “We Two, How Long We Were Fool’d” (via larmoyante)
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Walt Whitman, “When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer”

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nailed it.

Every time I see this, I reblog it no matter what!

No matter how many times I see this, I always get chills. 

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That must be pretty cool, to have the whole world see you like that.

Power Structure of Oppression

I’m just gonna leave this here, in case anyone thought their fee fees were more important than systematic oppression

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THIS. When is the last time you heard of a woman making some angry manifesto against men rejecting her and then going on a man-killing rampage?

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Fashion WonderlandZuhair Murad




Anne Bonny 1702- 1782

Anne Bonny is one of the most notorious pirates in recorded history. She was born in Ireland but moved to America when her father was disgraced. She was tough and a rebel even before her days on the high sea. Legend says she stabbed one of her father’s maids, beat a man who attempted to rape her and put him in the hospital and publicly stripped her fencing instructor with her sword.

At sixteen Anne fell in love with a poor man named James Bonny and insisted on marrying him despite her father’s objections. She did and her father disowned her. She moved with James to New Providence where her husband worked capturing pirates. Anne thought this was exceptionally lame and left him for a pirate named Calico Jack

Anne was an excellent pirate. She did not hide her gender from her crew mates, but when attacking ships she dressed like a man and kicked ass like a woman. While on the high seas, Anne developed a friendship with fellow woman pirate, Mary Read. Some accounts report the two were lovers

One night, when Calico Jack’s crew was wasted, some privateers captured his ship. The crew was so drunk, none fought back but Bonny and Read. All the pirates were brought to trial and sentenced to execution. Bonny avoided this fate by revealing she was pregnant. Even after giving birth, her execution was delayed and eventually her paper trail ends. She was probably saved by her father who had influence over the courts, but there is no recorded evidence of her fate. 



Can we also mention one of the most beautiful burns ever delivered? Calico Jack hid belowdecks during the fighting (while his fucking babymomma and her girlfriend were up there kicking ass) and it’s said that before she left the jail she stopped by Jack’s prison cell. He begged her to put in a good word for him and she said, “Jack, if you had but fought like a man you would not now be about to die like a dog.”

Then she strolled the fuck out and left him to rot.